Our Mission

The Cyberhood Watch is like a neighborhood watch program, but for the digital age. With the Internet and the rapid evolution of technology, your neighborhood and your personal social network has gone digital, it has gone mobile, and it's gone global. Indeed, what we used to know as our "neighborhood" has become a "cyberhood".

The digital age has openThe digital age has opened a pipeline of new threats and dangers to individuals, families, and businesses. Our privacy, safety and financial security are constantly under attack from a growing number of Internet predators, identity thieves, and cyber-criminals looking to take advantage of those who are unaware and unprepared. Whether you are a parent, grandparent, teen, child or business professional – securing cyberspace, your home, and your community is everyone's responsibility.
  • Computer & Internet safety
  • Personal and child ID theft
  • Social networking; Facebook, Twitter
  • Cyber-bullying
  • Cell phone safety
  • Online banking theft
  • Online banking theft
  • Online dating scams
  • IRS tax return fraud schemes
  • Business identity theft
  • More...

Our Mission
1. Help keep families and communities aware of current online threats and dangers.
2. Empower parents and communities with tools and resources to protect against these dangers.
3. Enable members to share and help others, creating a safer cyberhood for all.

The Cyberhood Watch provides individuals, families and business professionals with important alerts, tips and a complete resource center with the latest information and expert guidance in critical areas such as computer and Internet safety, social networking, cyber-bullying, privacy and security with cell phones and mobile devices, online banking and more. Learn more about membership.

Corporate Partners/Sponsors
Businesses and other organizations interested in participating and supporting this important mission can partner with the Cyberhood Watch program and provide individual membership to each of their employees, members or customers.